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Carol Heras has written:

“I love clothes, I like wearing different colours and different types of clothes. I like wearing accesories too, I never take out my necklaces and bracelets. I think that clothes give us an idea of how people are.

I love going shopping; for me, it’s always the solution  for a sad or boring day.  I usually buy my clothes in shopping centres like Xanadu, Gran plaza 2 or Tres Aguas. Sometimes I go shopping to Factories, but I really prefer shopping centres.

I think fashion is sometimes cool, but I prefer people wearing their own style, and not wearing something just because it’s in.

In my opinion being original it’s the best quality that a person can have.”

María Remeseiro has written:

images-5“I usually wear comfortable clothes. I prefer wearing a T-shirt or a shirt rather than a dress or a skirt. I love wearing jeans and leggings sometimes. If the weather is hot I use shorts because I like them. I love wearing accesories like rings or necklaces.

I usually buy clothes in shopping centers like Xanadú or Gran Plaza 2 because I think that they’re great.

I think that fashion is very important because clothes show your personality and define you.”

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Una respuesta a FASHION (3 ESO)

  1. Both writings are very good. Thank you


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