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  1. Paula Moereno dijo:

    * NURSE MATILDA : Christianna Brand
    – SUMMARY :
    The Brown family are eight : six childrens and two parents Their nannies nver stay for a long
    time. Sometimes, they leave on tje first day.
    One day arrived the nurse Matilda. She learned the children behave good. She gave the
    children some presents and nurse Mtilds disappeared.
    The childrens : Peter, Suie, Alex, Simon and George.
    Nurse Matilda
    Parents : Mrs Brown and Mr Brown.
    -OPINION :
    I like the book becouse is funny and interestin.
    I had watched the film.

  2. I read vodoo island
    Mr. James Conway wants to make money. He wants to build new homes and shops, and wants to do it on an old cemetery on the island of Haiti. Only one old man who still visit this cemetery, but Mr. James is not afraid of an old man. But this man has friends, friends in the graves, dead friends who are under the ground. And when Mr. Conway start building their houses, commit the terrible mistake of disturbing the sleep of the dead …

  3. Sergio dijo:

    I read the Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    Tom sawyer does not like school. He doesn ´t like work and he never wants
    to get out of the bed in the morning. But he likes swiming and fishing and
    having adventures with his friends . And he has a lot of adventures. one night
    and his friends Huck Finn go to the graveyard to look for ghosts.
    They don´t see any ghost they seen a men dead.

  4. martachichon dijo:

    I read Sherlock Holmes short stories
    Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective of them all. He listens to the steps coming up stairs he watches the door opening and he nows what question the stranger will ask.
    In this three of his best stories, Holmes has three visitors visitors to the famous flat in baker street visitors who bring their troubles

  5. Sofía Montoro dijo:

    I read The Borrowers:
    It is a family of tiny people. They live under the floor of a house, hiding from humans. When they need something up to the house through a hole. Arietty is tired of always being at home, one day her parents let her go upstairs. Arietty meets a human and become good friends. His parents were very angry with Arietty by having a human friend. His parents think that humans are evil and want to kill them. But the human is good and helped them to escape when other humans discovered them and wanted to take them to jail.

  6. Isabel Martín dijo:

    i had ridden the dead man’s island:
    This book is about a girl named Carol Sanders, at first she was dying Pope and as a result she would start to happen a series of events, like getting into the story of drugs and find bad friends, plus the Her father died, her favorite singer too, she is surprised, Carol is a very sad person returns, Carol’s mother decides to get a job to get carol of the bad things around, seeing a newspaper, they see a job that could help them, work is at a place called Scotland, is an island. they went to see the island, and asked so because there were few people, and because the owner of the island was so young and with so much money, then. the wife of the owner of the island appears, she is very mysterious show them the brother parents of the owner of the island’s mom Carol give the job as secretary and carol as a gardener, carol he stayed in the fall to see if could get a college in the fall. After several events, Carol discovers that the owner of the island is her favorite singer who never died but it hid from the people because the abuse to a girl of 15 years, did not want to go to jail, so just buy the island for himself and his family.
    her favorite singer is called jake rosso, and masquerading as someone else,
    carol after finding out that she promised to keep the secret, she never revealed, then she was happy, and never returned to the island.

  7. Isabel Martín dijo:

    I have read Fearless Jane:
    It was about a city. in this city they think that the mammals didn’t exict. But a girl didn´t think that.
    She showed that when she discovered a castle. In this castle was a lot of mammals. Then all the people belive that the mammals exict.

  8. Isabel Martín dijo:

    I have read Snow White goes to town:
    This history is like the originally snow white but here snow white goes to the town because her stepmother make her do that. In the town Snow White goes to the commissioner for eat and sleep. In the commissioner find her lost father. And at the end Snow White lives with her father forever.

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  10. Sara Nieto dijo:

    I personally like other style books as well as I am not come to like me much, so I would not recommend it to anyone, but I must admit that it has not been all bad either.


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