2 Bach D oral presentations

Carlos Molina – CINA, “Half century winning windward”
Noelia Mora – My trip to Plymouth
Beatriz López – Bullying
Ana García – Medical Marijuana
Ángela Asenjo – Diets

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Describing Solune (Lourdes López – 1 Bach. D)

mapa-alpujarra-casas-rurales-01Solune is a picturesque town which is located next to Granada, in Spain. It is a beautiful place that has a lot of different kinds of activities for everyone; and that is the reason why this unique town becomes the best place to spend summer holidays with friends or family.

Solune is the perfect region if you want a time off the routine in urban-life. It is in the middle of nature, away from noIse and crowded areas. The moment in which you arrive there you can feel the strong power of earth below your feet and the clean air over your head. The bird songs are always with you, and also it is possible to hear the sound of a small waterfall that is located in the forest next to the town. All of these things produce relaxing and peaceful vibes, perfect for nature-lovers.

mvc03010-0032sunsetEven though it is a quiet place away from polluted air, it is just ten minutes away from Granada, one of the most famous cities in Andalucía. This city, which is a happening place, is a cultural area, where it is possible to appreciate the variety of religions that have lived there along the years. Here you can do a lot of things, such as sightseeing or having some Spanish tapas in the restaurants all around the city.

As I have already said, it is the perfect place to spend your vacation, so I particularly recommend you  visit it. You can be delighted with the amazing nature that surrounds the town or get stepped in the history of one of the most interesting cities in the peninsula. Also, the people there are very open and friendly, and will be willing to help you in whatever need you have.

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The Great Gatsby. Review (Arancha Álvarez – 1 Bach D)

693893I liked the book a lot because of the peculiarity of the characters. They are very different from each other but at the same time they have the same style of life so they get on well with each other. But I think that what makes it a great book is the end, which is completely unexpected. It reflects mainly the love that Gatsby feels for Daisy because indirectly he dies because of her, and also what the death of a loved person can make you do, in this case George Wilson kills the supposed killer of his wife (Gatsby).

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St. Valentine’s cards (1 ESO C-D)

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The Outsiders. Review (Idara Dapena – 1 Bach D)

Idara Dapena gives her opinion about the Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton

108675-mI really liked the book, actually I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. I think the story is very well written, with an original plot, and it was believable in a very sad way, because the book doesn’t end really well and I think there are places in the world where things like this happen on regular basis. The main characters are very relatable and very complex, so you can almost identify with what they feel and empathize with them, they all have their problems and difficult life situations and that’s what makes them realistic. I liked the fact that the book was written from Pony’s perspective, because he’s a boy close to my age, and apart from all the murders and runaways and gangs, he has the same questions as a normal teenager who’s trying to figure out who he is. I found the ending very sad but very needed, because even though I don’t like things that make me cry, I understand that stories don’t always end well, and this time it was very predictable that some of them would die, just because they had so many problems in their lives that weren’t easy to solve. I’d recommend this book to everyone because it is very generic, it’s not fantastic, historic or dramatic, it’s a common story that a lot of people can relate to and understand. And also, it keeps you wanting to know what’s going to happen, so I think a lot of people would like.

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2nd eso projects: pollution “The seventh continent”


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Celebrating St. Valentine’s day

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Presentations about health by 2 Bach E

health-lettersDaniel Jiménez – Disability
Gonzalo Martínez – Consequences of rapid weight loss
Adrián González – Principles and methods of training
Miguel Luna – Medicinal Plants
Andreea Florea – History of Bathing
Diego Luna – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
Inés Muniesa – Diets
Iván Corredor – Drug Abuse
Cristina Alonso – Rare and Unusual Psychiatric Syndromes
Gonzalo Martínez – Consequences of Rapid Weight Loss
Alejandro Fernández – Health in the Past
Sandra Flores – Laughter Therapy
Diego Calle – Handwashing
Claudia Viñas –  EMDR Therapy
Alejandra Arroyo – Acupuncture
Pablo Ginés – Sleep

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How childhood traumas affect adult life

Laura Martín Martí (2 Bach E) has made a ppt presentation about health – childhood and traumas.

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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Review. (1 Bach D)

9781862303492Marta Roquero wrote her opinion about The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

“I really liked the book because although it is a sad story with a shocking ending it makes you realize how the Second World War was and that a lot of people died due to Germans. This is the second time I read it but I really enjoyed it the first time so I wanted to read it again. I am also a big fan of the main character, Bruno, because it is very funny the way he thinks and how he faces life.

I would strongly recommend this book with people who at least know a little bit about this time in history when all this happened so they can understand it better, but everyone should read it at some stage in their lives.”

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