Class Rules


Class Rules Set #1

  1. Arrive on time.
  2. Raise your hand before speaking.
  3. Listen to others and participate in class discussions.
  4. Use the pencil sharpener during noninstructional time.
  5. Stay on task.
  6. Do your assignments.
  7. Bring materials and have them ready.
  8. Listen to directions.
  9. Cooperate with your group.
  10. Pick up after yourself.
  11. Leave other people’s materials alone.
  12. Do not interrupt other students’ learning.
  13. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  14. Keep your hands clean and take care of personal hygiene in the rest room during breaks.
  15. No vandalism. Don’t write or carve on your desk or school property.
  16. Treat computers with care.

Class Rules Set #2
  1. One person at a time leaves the room with the hall pass.
  2. Clean your work station appropriately.
  3. Absolutely no food, drink, gum, or candy permitted.
  4. Do not come to class late.
  5. Be organized and prepared for class.
  6. No congregating by door and in hall before the end-of-period bell.

Class Rules Set #3
  1. Come to class prepared to learn. (Pencils sharpened, pen, paper, and notebooks)
  2. Respect all property. (School property, personal property, and other’s property)
  3. Respect all ideas given in class and do not criticize anybody’s ideas or thoughts.
  4. Do your very best!
  • Electronic Devices such as cell phones, I-Pods, MP3 players, CD Players, PSPs, Game Boys, Headphones, and Cameras can be confiscated if found by the teacher.
  • How can I have my confiscated items returned?Any item that has been confiscated can be returned only to a parent or guardian.
  • Excused vs unexcused absences:  Teachers do not have to allow students to make up work from UNexcused absences.  Make sure all absences are excused (for all classes!).


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