Quizlets about units 5 and 6 for 2 Bach.

working-and-travelling-at-the-same-time-716354Elvira González has shared these two quizlets about travelling (Unit 5) and working (Unit 6) with everyone. Thanks for your effort and kindness!

Unit 5. Travelling

Unit 6. Working

Nicolás Ardila  has shared with us a list of all the phrasal verbs you can find in the student’s book. Thanks a lot!

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Towns and Villages in Spain (3 ESO A)

Sergio Silva. BoadillaCaptura de pantalla 2018-04-15 a la(s) 08.59.08

Diego Navarro. Boadilla

Nuria Bernal. Huesca

Eva Rincón. Fuengirola

Link to the videos

Second link to videos

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Towns and Villages around Spain (1 Bach D)

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-11 a la(s) 22.20.29

Link to the videos

Andorra. Nicolas Mclachlan

Andorra. Marta Arceiz

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Describing the Palace of Boadilla (Darío Sánchez – 3º ESO C)

This video made by Darío Sánchez, has been shared with students from other countries through the eTwinning project Aestimamus Nostram Hereditatem I, where we talk about historical characters, monuments and traditional games.

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ELI Program with Pau García Milà, by Marta Arceiz

conferencias-854x480Last Monday, the 9th of April, the majority of 1st of Bachillerato of Excelencia went to a conference of the ELI program. It was already our third time going to the Rafael del Pino´s foundation, so we were anxious to know what the talk was going to be about, because we had really enjoyed the previous two.

As always, we left school at quarter past two, and we took the light rail to Colonia Jardín. Once there, we caught the subway, but there was a little mishap. We got off the subway at the wrong stop! We were laughing for a while for our confusion, because we had already done that same route more times. Well, at least we did a quick but enjoyable walk around Madrid.

PROGRAMA DE EMPRENDEDORESDespite that, we got to the conference on time, and we had a few minutes left before the man who was going to speak started his lecture. His name was Pau García-Milà, a young, intelligent man from Barcelona. He first took contact with the world of the entrepreneurship at the age of seventeen, when he founded his first company. He has won several prizes and has written three books (they gave us one of them at the end of the speech, “Optimismamente”). He has never stopped creating new projects and developing new ideas, and this was, precisely, the main theme of his lecture. How does an idea become a potentially successful project? How does the world of enterprises work? What happens when you do not receive what you expected? When you fail? Seguir leyendo

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Visiting Málaga (María Sánchez – 1 Bach D)

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The Catcher in the Rye. Review by Arancha Álvarez- 2º Bach D

blogging_catcher_largewideThe Catcher in the Rye is a book about a boy called Holden Caulfield. He tells his story since he leaves his school Pencey Prep because he is kicked out from it. But he leaves it a few days earlier than he was supposed to because he’s tired of everybody in there. After that, he takes a train to New York, where he lives, but he goes to a hotel instead of home because his parents don’t know about the suspension. He spends many days in hotels, parks…He meets some old friends and meets new people. He’s convinced of leaving home and looking for a new life, but his sister Phoebe makes him change his mind at the end, so he stays in New York.

I liked the book a lot. The plot was very entertaining and that made it easily-reading. I agreed with the end of the book because it has a happy ending.

Nevertheless, It would have been better that Holden had left home and his story could have continued in another book. At first, I thought Holden was pretty weird, but along the book I liked his personality, even though I don’t think I could stand him as a friend.

I would truly recommend this book to teenagers because they can feel identified in the character of Holden Caulfield and because the level of English of the book is not high.

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Assignment for Easter

madrid-spain-cibelesThis term, our project will be about the place where we live or the places we will be visiting during Easter.



Examples of videos made by students in our school…

San Diego, California, by Natalia Salvatierra
Orihuela, by Lourdes López

Deadline: April 10th 2018

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Eli Program for 1 Bachillerato (María Sánchez)

20180219_155432María Sánchez wrote:

Last Monday, most of the students of 1st of Bachillerato of Excelencia attended to a conference which was encouraged by the ELI programme of Rafael del Pino’s Foundation.

The ELI Program stands for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation and it gives students who are interested in learning and developing new skills the opportunity to attend to meetings and complementary courses related to scientific, artistic, humanistic and technological topics. These lectures are given by well-known international experts.

Seguir leyendo

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Quizlets units 4 and 5 about shopping and medicine (2 Bach)


Elvira González has created  quizlets about shopping  and medicine (Units 3 and 4) for you to practise before the exam!!!

Quizlet about medicine link

Quizlet about shopping link

Thank you, Elvira!

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