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1-2 ESO 




4 respuestas a Online Exercises

  1. Carolina Heras dijo:

    One afternoon, Paula was celebrating her birthday with his friends and her dog in the garden, they were playing football and having fun when they heard a extrange and loudly noice.

    At first, nobody stopped playing, but then they saw that the window was broken and a lot of money, and expensive jewellery were around it. All of them were very scared and surprised at the same time, there wasn´t any track of the thief.

    Eventually, Paula called the police. A few minutes later, the police came to her house, they started to laugh and Paula and her friends didn´t understand why. The police explained them that was because before they went there, they found the thief trying to steal in other house, and they quickly took him into prison.

  2. Alberto dijo:

    Hi Sergio,
    I can t believe that your coming next week. They are strict about some things.
    I have to tidy my room, do the ironing and lay the table.
    Bye See you soon.

  3. Hugo Sánchez dijo:

    Hi Mickael,

    I ‘m so happy yo see you soon ! , I can’t believe that you’re coming tomorow.!
    You have to meet my parents. They are strict about some rules.
    For example, you have to remove your shoes when you come home.
    I have to clean my cat twice a week.I have to tidy my room every night and take out the rubbish on the morning.
    I mustn`t touch my dad’s computer. And on the week- end I help my parents at home , but it’s nice.

    See you tomorrow!!

  4. Alberto dijo:

    Hi Alvaro,

    I ´m not to much happy because my fathers all the time, i do things are asking house :
    for example clean my room, take out the rubish, clean the table and at the night they
    ask me to take the dog. And I dont understand why they are doing these.

    I ´m waiting your respond.

    See you.


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